In 2004, the board of APC Instytut, a company with the structure of a pharmaceutical company (regulatory affairs, marketing, sales and training departments), took the strategic decision to launch the distribution cooperation with foreign companies seeking partners in the Polish pharmaceutical market.

At present we are the authorized representative for Poland of companies that market modern, scientifically advanced products that improve the quality of life and are geared to health-aware customers. Our marketing department, in cooperation with APC Instytut sales force coordinators has developed a strategy for the development and selection of products for the company’s portfolio. We are constantly searching for niche products, marked by a strong USP.

If you are looking for a reliable business partner and new development possibilities, we would be keen to offer our support.



Since November 2004, APC Institute is an Authorized Representative in Poland of the British company Passion for life healthcare. We have introduced to the market a group of 4 products successfully eliminating snoring. More information: www.snoreeze.pl

Oral strips tighten and moisten the soft tissues of the back of the throat, thus reducing vibration and eliminating the sounds of snoring. The active substances were closed in special structures called microspheres. The leaves placed on the palate dissolve in about a minute, and the multilayered microspheres slowly release the components acting on the tissues of the back of the throat. This process can take up to eight hours, which ensures a good night’s sleep. Peppermint oil, vitamin E and sodium hyaluronate tighten throat tissues, while pectins and guar gum moisturize them.

Throat spray (for those snoring supine) is very easy to use. The mobile applicator allows it to be safely and accurately injected into the back of the throat. Tightens and moisturizes tissues, thereby reducing vibration and eliminating the sounds of loud snoring.

Nasal spray (for those snoring through the nose) brings relief to snorers due to a blocked nose due to allergies or colds. The spray contains a unique mixture of active ingredients that cover the nasal passages clearing them and help to improve the airflow during sleep.

Nasal strips gently open the nasal passages to prevent snoring caused by a blocked nose.

Packaging: Throat spray in 23.5ml and 14ml versions, Nasal spray 10ml, Oral strips 14 pieces, Nasal strips 10 pieces. The products are available in pharmacies.


From September 2006, we started the sale of selenium products Cefasel Nutri in Poland, produced by a German company called Cefak.

Cefasel Nutri is a product that alleviates selenium deficiencies in the body and has a number of advantages:

  • contains a high, well-defined dose of 100 or 200 μg selenium, respectively;
  • quickly replenishes selenium deficiencies in the body;
  • is suitable for carrying out therapy with high doses of selenium;
  • does not leave an unpleasant taste in the mouth;
  • has a comfortable form of micropellets, does not require drinking or dissolving in water – micropellets poured directly into the mouth dissolve on the tongue in a few seconds.

Cefasel Nutri is available in 2 forms:
1. Cefasel® 100 nutri – tablets; packages of 20 and 60 tablets; 1 tablet contains 0.333 mg of sodium selenite 5H2O (100 μg selenium)
2. Cefasel® 200 nutri – tablets; package of 20 tablets; 1 tablet contains 0.666 mg of sodium selenite 5H2) (200 μg selenium)

Cefasel products do not contain sugar and can be used by diabetics. The products are available in pharmacies without a prescription.


Cefavit B12 contains bioactive methylcobalamin, absorbed directly through the oral cavity mucosa. 1 chewable tablet contains a high dose of vitamin B12 – up to 400 μg!

Vitamin B12 contributes to the maintenance of the correct energy metabolism, helps in maintaining the proper metabolism of homocysteine ​​and in the proper functioning of the nervous system, as well as maintaining normal psychological functions. It helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue, helps in the healthy production of red blood cells, as well as in the proper functioning of the immune system.
Cefavit B12 can be used by vegans.

Packaging: Cefavit B12 400 μg, 60 chewable tablets. The product is available in pharmacies without a prescription.


Cefavit D3 is a product supplementing the deficiency of vitamin D3 in the body (over 90% of the population have deficiencies of this vitamin in the body!). The product contains a high dose of vitamin D3, one package lasts up to 5 months!

Vitamin D3 helps in maintaining healthy bones and teeth, helps in the correct functioning of the immune system and muscles, and takes part in the division of cells and helps in maintaining the correct level of calcium in the blood.

Cefavit D3 can be used by vegetarians.

Packaging: 20 tablets. The product is available in pharmacies without a prescription.


The cosmetic ointment supplementing and replacing the natural fating of the body surface. The composition designed for dry and sensitive skin has been now enhanced glycerol and vitamin E. It supports the treatment of psoriasis and of atopic dermatitis.

Clinically tested, for everyday use.

Packaging:75 ml tube. The ointment is available in the pharmacy.

Piotr Jusiak
Board Member, Sales Director
e-mail: pj(at)apcinstytut.pl