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Outsourcing of Contractual Representatives

Outsourcing of Contractual Representatives 

APC Instytut specializes in the services for the pharmaceutical sector, in particular in strategic pharmaceutical outsourcing of contract representatives.

To meet the requirements of our Clients we provide recruitment and organization of fully equipped teams of contract representatives (medical, pharmaceutical, sales), well-trained, set up for specific target groups and tasks.

APC Instytut’s representatives meet:

- doctors at outpatient clinics, private practices and hospitals

- pharmacists at general public and hospital pharmacies

- other target groups, as defined by the Client

Representatives of APC Instytut have medical, pharmaceutical or similar background (biology, medical analysis, physical education etc.)

Apart from representatives who at present work for our Clients we have a regularly updated database of potential representatives who after recruitment and training in Professional Sales Techniques can support your team.

Depending on the specific needs we are ready to deliver long-term projects, short-term promotions and co-promotion projects.

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