Car fleet administration

APC Instytut provides comprehensive service for the car fleet used by the Customer. The service range particularly includes:

  • preparation and implementation of the car policy in the form of regulations;
  • training of the client’s employees in the predetermined policy of car administration;
  • choosing the best fuel card supplier depending on the fleet structure;
  • fleet cards administration and control of fuel expenses (abuse, unauthorized refueling);
  • handing over and collection of cars, ensuring all formalities;
  • preparation and storage of all necessary documentation
  • supervision and enforcement of settlements defined in the car administration policy;
  • reporting incidents (damages, accidents);
  • negotiating terms and signing all necessary service contracts for repairs, inspections, tire servicing, as well as cost control in terms of their validity, materials and parts used;
  • organization of trainings on safe driving and introduction of other solutions to improve safety of fleet users;
  • informing and reminding to perform periodical actions, e.g., tire replacement, technical tests, inspections;
  • recording mileage;
  • help concerning insurance companies in terms of claims management services;
  • ensuring the continuity of car use (assistance packages, replacement cars);
  • keeping records of vehicles and their users;
  • preparation of reports and analysis of fleet costs, including monthly mileage, vehicle damage, service costs;
  • telephone assistance for users involved in incidents regarding the use of company vehicles;
  • other issues that may arise during cooperation.

In addition, if wider cooperation applies, APC can also perform the following services:

  • purchase of cars on behalf of the Client (price negotiations);
  • obtaining financing for the fleet (operating lease);
  • analysis and selection of the best long-term rental offers (eliminating disadvantageous contract clauses and adjusting the contract to the Client’s needs);
  • vehicle insurance (selection of the best policy);
  • assistance in the sale of vehicles withdrawn from the Customer’s fleet;
  • controlling the validity of car rental costs.

An employee of APC Instytut (a long-time member of the Association of Automotive Fleet Managers) possessing extensive knowledge and experience related to managing a fleet of over 350 cars is at your disposal, willing to give advice or help.


Saving time

Even when using hired cars, you can not skip many time-consuming activities. You have to personally collect, turn over and exchange cars, make and examine car handover reports, keep (for the accounting department) the current list of users with registration numbers.

Constant access to information

The car fleet is dealt with by one particular person who is able to provide all necessary information about a specific car or user at any time.

Control of operating costs

An APC employee constantly supervises any operating expenses associated with a given vehicle. Thanks to that, their validity (unauthorized refueling or excessive monthly mileage) can immediately be checked.



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