Outsourcing of office employees

Employee outsourcing is a commonly used method of employment optimization. It offers an opportunity to temporarily hire any number of people with a specific skillset, who will support the company’s employees in performing their tasks. This approach allows for cost optimization while ensuring quick access to qualified and proven people.

We mostly outsource employees for the following positions:

  1. Office administration (assistants, receptionists, coordinators);
  2. Medical department positions (medical coordinator, pharmacovigilance officer, clinical trial officer, clinical trial monitor, drug registration officer);
  3. Warehouse worker positions;
  4. Sales department positions (product managers, sales coordinators, telemarketers).

Benefits of white-collar worker outsourcing:

  • Improved cost control, enabling recognition of areas where costs can be decreased;
  • Acquiring new resources or freeing the company’s own resources in order to pursue the company’s primary goals;
  • The ability to introduce an additional employee motivation factor;
  • Quick access to human resources whose creation would otherwise require large time and resource expenditures;
  • Easy access to qualified and motivated employees;
  • Our employee groups have a low turnover frequency;
  • An opportunity to hire proven employees directly once their contracts end.