Outsourcing of sales force

Rent the best contract agents

We are here to support your business.
We understand that resources are like pawns on a chessboard and in order you could play the master games, you need „unique combinations of movements”. Gaining the advantage on the rapidly changing pharmaceutical market also requires additional sales force: medical and pharmaceutical representatives.
We focus on strategic pharmaceutical outsourcing of contract representatives.
We provide recruitment and organization services for comprehensively equipped teams of contract representatives (medical, pharmaceutical and trade).
Appropriately trained and equipped specialists focused exclusively on the implementation of the entrusted tasks (depending on precisely defined target groups) will become your genuine and unique competitive advantage.

Your representatives of APC Instytut carry out visits among:

  • doctors at outpatient clinics, private practices and hospitals;
  • pharmacists at general public and hospital pharmacies;
  • other target groups, as defined by the Client.


Highly qualified and motivated sales teams.

Very low turnover of outsourced employees.

The opportunity to hire employees directly into the company after the contract is over.

Flexible employment policy.

… and here are the opinions of clients about the cooperation with APC Instytut in the field of hiring medical and pharmaceutical representatives:


Katarzyna Cieplińska-Goldman
Key Account Manager
e-mail: kc@apcinstytut.pl