Payroll service

We provide our Clients with proven human resources and payroll solutions. Our solutions help our Clients optimize and limit their employment costs. We provide a full range of activities as part of our payroll services.

Human Resources:

  1. Comprehensive management of employee records (drafting and filing of employment contracts, annexes, certificates of employment, information on terms of employment and remuneration as well as other documents related to entering into, maintaining and ending of employment relationship).
  2. Enrollment of new employees in social security, termination of social security coverage.
  3. Maintaining records of vacations, sick leaves and other absences.
  4. Tracking of expiring employment contracts, long-term sick leaves, returns from maternity and parenting leaves.
  5. Tracking due dates and issuing referrals for initial, follow-up and periodic medical examinations of employees.
  6. Preparing PFRON (State Fund for Rehabilitation of Disabled People) and GUS (statistical office) declarations.
  7. Issuing certificates of employment and other related documents.
  8. Storing employee files in ways and locations that provide security and full confidentiality in accordance with legal requirements.


  1. Calculating employee salaries in accordance with appropriate legal requirements.
  2. Conducting bank transfers of employee salaries.
  3. Transferring taxes and social security contributions to ZUS (social security office), PFRON and US (internal revenue office).
  4. Processing of absences due to sickness and childbirth.
  5. Issuing payment slips.
  6. Preparing ZUS and US statements.
  7. Managing insurance documentation and exchanging information with ZUS through the Płatnik system.
  8. Issuing salary, employment and income certificates.
  9. Preparing monthly and annual tax statements: PIT-4R, PIT-8AR, IFT-1R, PIT- 11 and sending them to taxpayers and tax authorities.
  10. Dealing with inspectors, controllers, auditors and financial analysts.
  11. Providing representation in front of government institutions and other entities.

Civil-law contracts:

  1. Preparing civil-law contracts: contracts of mandate (umowa zlecenie), contracts for provision of specific work (umowa o dzieło).
  2. Verifying the Contractor’s eligibility for social security coverage and the correctness of calculated social security payments.
  3. Enrolling the Contractor in social security and terminating his social security coverage.
  4. Transferring payments based on provided bills.
  5. Servicing the Contractor’s monthly and annual ZUS and US obligations.
  6. Providing the Contractor with income certificates.