APC as a Temporary Employment Agency

From July 2019, we have restored the possibility of employing temporary workers via our company. This form of employment guarantees our Clients flexibility in responding to staff changes (eg. planned leaves, excessive absences or staff rotation), and to a sudden increase in the number of tasks.

The benefits for the Employer User (Client) of using this solution are:

  1. Possibility of using the work of a hired employee in times of increased demand for employees or temporary replacement for an absent employee.
  2. Shorter termination notice period of the employee (3 days or 1 week, depending on the period worked).
  3. The possibility of hirng an employee for the duration of a specific job.
  4. Security of cooperation with a delegated external employee within the own structure in accordance with the labor code (employee outsourcing).
  5. Saving time and resources – we deal with the entire recruitment process, the Client only specifies the requirements and focuses on the final approval of employees.
  6. Possibility of focusing on the core business of the enterprise and thus being free from all formalities related to the payment of remuneration and any other legally required contributions.

We cordially encourage you to use this service. We will be happy to answer any questions and, if interested, we will quote the service for individual needs.

Katarzyna Cieplińska-Goldman
Key Account Manager
e-mail: kc@apcinstytut.pl